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Do you need help moving the furniture in your living room to a new apartment or putting that couch in storage? For all of your moving needs such as relocating residential furniture, Fresh Start Labor Transportation LLC is there to help you in Oswego, Illinois, and surrounding areas.

To avoid damage during transport, our team will wrap each item and deconstruct sections as necessary. We can also help with activities like putting your bed frames back together.

movers unloading the furniture from the truck
man shifting the moving items


The core of a household is the couch. It’s where we gather to chat with friends and cozy up with coffee and a good book on rainy Saturdays. Our couch movers are ready to transport a modern sleeper sofa to your new apartment or that massive sectional to the living room at your subsequent home. Our professional workers take care of your sofa while it is being delivered and organized.


Have a pool table, piano, or safe that is particularly difficult or heavy to move? We are here for you. We can handle tiny or one-item moving loads like these. Moving a grand piano to the opposite side of the house or shifting a sofa bed upstairs may seem like daunting jobs to complete on your own, but with the assistance of expert furniture movers, rearrangement is a breeze!

We will send a team and the necessary tools to help you quickly and safely rearrange your home.